The RePAH final report concluded that arts and humanities researchers would find most useful a managed research environment that offers:

Rather than a single monolithic research portal, it recommended the development of interoperable portlets that can be used to embed portal type functionality in institutional and community web sites. To illustrate how this might work we have created a demonstrator that shows how a researcher can add selected research tools to their personal research portal page at their own institution and use these to carry out workflow based, collaborative, research.

To see a demonstration of how portals could be used for research purposes, please click link Portlet demonstrator.

De Montfort University University of Sheffield

Personnel and Contact Details


Mark Greengrass

Professor of Early-Modern History at the University of Sheffield and Director of the Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield.

Stephen Brown

Professor of Learning Technologies and Director of Knowledge Media Design at De Montfort University, UK.


Robert Ross


Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Art and Design, De Montfort University.

Jared Bryson

User Analyst

Research Assistant, Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield.

David Gerrard

New Media Designer

Technical Officer, Knowledge Media Design Unit, De Montfort University.


Mike Fraser

Director Humbul, University of Oxford.

Jayne Burgess

Manager, ARTIFACT, Metropolitan University of Manchester.

Sheila Anderson

Director, AHDS, Kings College, London.